As a Marketing professional in the hospitality industry, my life ran at a thousand miles an hour. Until last April when my head and a sink got very well acquainted after I fainted in my bathroom. This resulted in a condition called Post-Concussion Syndrome, a damaged Vestibular System and, apparently, a fun ride in an ambulance, but I sadly don’t remember that.

You cannot imagine how life-changing a head injury can be until you experience it. Or how long, scary and frustrating the road to recovery is. It it one that demands a truly trusted, calm guide to help. Nicola Harris and Associates have expertly navigated me along my road to recovery providing me with knowledge, practical strategies and, above all, the positive reassurance that has enabled me to process and understand my situation.

My speech, my cognitive processing power, my vision, my memory, my executive thinking, control of my moods, and my awareness was downgraded to dodgy dial-up internet compared to my usual super-fast fibre-optic speed. When I first came to Nicola, I was freaked out. I didn’t know if I’d would get better. She instantly helped me understand that my recovery was going to be a balancing act between exercise, adaptations and the medication. In getting all elements of my condition, such as mirgaines, fatigue and balance, under control you are able to then to progress.

I remember leaving my initial consultation with my first list of balancing exercises thinking finally something practical to do after months of assessments and waiting. It gave my life an element of routine again that I desperately missed and, from there, every session acted as a benchmark giving me a solid foundation to build on.

If you are experiencing anything like the above, don’t fret. Nicola and her team provide practical strategies and advice that help improve and adapt your situation to enable recovery. Having a person on your recovery team that is able to answer your questions and provide guidance from a wealth of experience is invaluable. Every session I leave a little more confident and a little bit more like the old me.